“Peak Performance will be recognized as the best organization for the development of female student-athletes in the Southeast”  



A Community Center conducive to growth and Athletic/Academic development

Facilitating a physically active life style & social skills development

A positive and safe haven for young female student-athletes

A facility that has a positive impact on the local community

We greatly appreciate your consideration and willingness to support our Student-Athlete support fund in 2015. Your generous donation will enable us to continue to provide high quality programming and financial support to young female student-athletes from around the state of Georgia.


Peak Performance has graduated 61 PEAK girls from our Program between 2011 and 2014, (100%) have enrolled in college! 47 or (78%) of the girls have received NCAA athletic scholarships!  In our first four graduating classes, PEAK Girls have earned college scholarships valued at over $3.5 million! In our 2015 graduating class, 14 of 20 student-athletes have signed NCAA Athletic Scholarships! Peak Performance is making a positive difference in the lives of young girls!


It is through donations from caring and supportive individuals and organizations that enable Peak Performance to achieve these incredible results. PEAK Girls will not only receive valuable college degrees, but due to the scholarship dollars they have earned, student-loan debt will not be a burden to them as they start their careers!


It is our belief that youth development and leadership programs, such as ours are critical to the next generation in order to become successful adults.  Youth programs provide life changing experiences and a safe place to build self-esteem and form positive relationships with adults and peers.  Girls who are involved in athletic and youth leadership development programs benefit by being prepared for the next level. 


As a part of our Strategic Plan, based on the Blue Ocean Strategy concept, we realize the need to have “Peak Partners” from the corporate world who understand and believe in “philanthropic economics and corporate benevolent behavior that will result in a return due to your willingness to help make an impact on young people in our society. We offer a variety of “partner opportunities’ to help us positively change the trajectory of the future for young girls in the metro-Atlanta area:









PEAK Platinum Partner

$5,000.00 - $10,000.00


PEAK Gold Partner

$2,500.00 - $4,999.00


PEAK Silver Partner

$1,000.00 - $2,499.00


PEAK Bronze Partner

$500.00 - $999.00





Your Individual or Organizational Grant will support the following Peak Performance Foundation Program Costs:


  • Professional Services

  • Life Achievement / Leadership Academy Development & Implementation

  • Student-Athlete Support (Fees & Travel)

  • Academic Excellence Program (Tutoring)

  • Staff Support

  • Community Service

  • Operational Expenses


The accomplishments of Peak Performance student-athletes and the positive impact that our Foundation is having on the lives of young girls in the metro-Atlanta community, through support from friends like you, has been truly amazing.


We greatly appreciate you taking the time to consider supporting our cause of “Developing the Next Generation of Empowered Women” through the programs that we offer.


Respectfully requested,

Bruce W. Price

Executive Director

Peak Performance Sports & Development Foundation, Inc.


EIN# 26-2478825


“Peak is developing Little Girls into Leading Women, and these women will have their voices heard in their life’s chosen professions.”

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