Peak Performance Sports & Development Foundation, Inc.

“Developing Little Girls Into Leading Women


The Peak Performance Sports and Development Foundation, Inc., a Georgia 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation, purpose is to provide educational leadership and athletic development and training to young girls; to assist in the development of the mind, body and character to enable them perform to the peak of their potential in the classroom, the athletic arena and in service to their communities.  

  • Goal setting

  • Problem solving and decision making

  • Self esteem and peer pressure

  • Nutrition – fueling your body

  • Social media

  • Writing for success

  • Interview and presentation skills

  • Financial planning

  • Breaking the spirit of average

  • ACT / SAT testing strategies

  • Injury and ACL prevention

  • NCAA recruiting process

  • Requirements of a college athlete

What is Peak Performance Life Achievement?

•Why is it important?

•Who is involved and who benefits?


The Peak Performance Life Achievement program builds from on-court teachings to further develop and empower each child to achieve their dreams and develop their ideas and visions.  This is done through SHE Seminars and educational forums. 


SHE stands for:

–Service to others

–Healthy mind and body

–Excellence in academics and athletics


Leveraging age appropriate material and programs the SHE empowerment series includes:

  • Educational seminars

  • Relevant and timely material

  • Guest speakers and recognized leaders

  • Exposure to female role models

  • Age specific focus groups

  • 1:1 mentoring